After tour impressions

Feecho is recovering after a month long tour, that took us through The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. We were traveling with a wonderful group called How Town and we visited—>

26.5. Splendor , Amsterdam (NL)
27.5. U Jazz Utrecht, Utrecht (NL)
28.5. Vrijstaat O., Oostende (BE)
29.5. Haekem, Brussels (BE)
30.5. Stadtgarten, Cologne (DE)
1.6. house concert, Thiene (IT)
5.6. Inde, Koper (SLO)
7.6. Student Centre, Zagreb (HR)
8.6. Porgy & Bess, Vienna (AT)
9.6.  Macondo, Wroclaw (POL)
11.6. MÓZG , Bydgoszcz (POL)
12.6. MÓZG Warszawa, Warsaw (POL)
13.6. Downtown Forest Hostel & Camping, Vilnius (LT) (+ special guest Liudas Mockunas)
16.6. Siltumnīca, Valmiera (LV)
17.6. Kaņepes Kultūras centrs, Riga (LV)
22.6. Klub Dragon, Poznan (POL)
23.6. Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

Here are some visual impressions:

Oostende, at Vrijstaat O. (by Coline Kopec)


in Thiene, Italy (by Marco Sartori)13346760_1194775827214047_2324798959742796591_n13321921_1194775877214042_417432938718922973_n

in Studentski Centar, Zagreb, Croatia (by Toni Mijač)13418523_1085600571478291_5118664984219420778_o

at KKC, Rīga, Latvia (by Dāvids Smiltiņš)13502836_10153816174352523_5073752019459798100_o

in Oostende, Vrijstaat O., Belgium (by Matīss Čudars)IMG_9397

at Mozg, Bydgoszcz, Poland (by Matīss Čudars)IMG_9621

in Mozg, Warsaw, Poland (by Matīss Čudars)IMG_9640

at Downtown Forrest, Vilnius, Lithuania, with special guest Liudas Mockunas (by Akvilė Jodkauskaitė)


Bums review in Jazzword

/…/ Govaert’s rumbling press rolls and sideways vibrations are forceful enough for rhythmic momentum, but eschew industrial strength crashing and other bravado./…/ Dipping into the piano’s innards for string plucks that simulate subterrestial textures, Draksler also aggressively stokes cadenzas with such ferocity that were they a bundle of firewood they would speedily burst into flames./…/

see the full review here

A Bums review by NYC Record Magazine

“A highly satisfying adventure/…/ The duo is not afraid to insert pregnant silences or negative spaces into the texture, inviting the audience to fill in its own version of the story. Even at their most climactic, midway through the title track, Draksler and Govaert know just when to pull back and save a little excitement for later. “12314579_10208547004819711_7579436991792324150_o